Call on Swaziland armed forces to dump Mswati and side with the people

By: ANG Reporter

The Swaziland Solidarity Network (SSN) has made an impassioned call on Swaziland security forces to seize the opportunity to resist the “autocratic state” and side with the people.

In a statement, the SSN said: “A bloody civil war is unfolding in Swaziland as attacks against state institutions are intensifying.”

The organisation said in the past three days alone, two police officers were shot dead in what appears to be a coordinated attack against the Royal Eswatini Police Force.

“These incidents have created a deep sense of fear amongst members of the armed forces.

Historically when an illegitimate regime is faced with an insurrection of this kind it resorts to the very thing that created that insurrection, which is brute force.”

“Due to the fact that the freedom fighters operate in secrecy, every citizen becomes a suspect, and tortures and beatings become common.”

“The worst mistake that the police can make now is taking this dangerous route. This is why our network wishes to plead with them to consider another more effective option, which is passively resisting the autocratic state.”

“One way in which they can do this is by organising themselves and reviving the union that the government refused to recognise over a decade ago. One of the main reasons why that union was formed was that the king was using armed forces as a tool to oppress the very people that they were part of and yet when the people rose they were expected to shield the very same culprit.”

“While the king lives lavishly off their taxes, members of the armed forces are poorly paid and accommodated. It is the sheer will to survive and earn a living which keeps most of the Swazi armed forces in their respective jobs. However, a job which forces one to kill and abuse the rights of fellow citizens is no job at all.”

“We call upon all junior and middle-level officers within the police force, correctional services, and even the army to come together and seize this historic moment.”

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