Sisulu blasts billionaire stomach politicians “keeping masses quiet in their sufferance”

By: Staff Reporter

Tourism Minister and ANC national executive committee member Lindiwe Sisulu has launched a scathing attack on what she called “political power brokers and stomach politicians” who have become instant multi-millionaires and billionaires at the expense of the suffering black masses.

In a hard-hitting column, Sisulu writes: “What we have instead witnessed under a supreme constitution, and the rule of law since 1994 has been the co-option and invitation of political power brokers to the dinner table, whose job is to keep the masses quiet in their sufferance while they dine caviar with colonized capital (CC).”

“After dinner, many things take place under the table and around the table. Some call it stomach politics. The politicians take care of themselves and their families while those who put them there go to bed hungry, waiting for crumbs from the table.”

“Otherwise, what explains the sudden astronomical wealth of so-called “liberators” over such a short period of time? How did some become multi-millionaires and billionaires overnight while a third of their fellow citizens languish on social grants? It takes several years for families and businesses to earn the status of multi-millionaires or billionaires, after real hard work and value creation.” “But like Mzansi magic we have some socialism-spouting ‘liberators’ draped in flags, transformed and co-opted into the capitalist class and leafy suburbs.”

In 1994 they struggled to put petrol in their cars. Some didn’t even own one. And yet when it is election time you will hear them spouting “Our people, our people “. Click here to read the full column

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Fully agree with Sisulu on this one what we’ve politicians spending billions.

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Clifford Mbonyana



But unfortunately Sisulu, your family members (siblings) are not too far from this. They were part of those who were taken care of by Oppenheimers by buying houses and cars for them when they came from exile.

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